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Insul Flue Insulated thimble - 8" Thimble Only  (Part 2 of 2 required)

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Price: $172.50
Prod. Code: 34075

Use this thimble when you need to pass through a combustible wall and into a masonry chimney. This unit is sold in two parts, The Thimble Cover Assembly and the Thimble itself. You need one Thimble Cover Assembly per installation. The Thimble Cover Assembly protrudes 13" into the room. The number of Thimbles you need depends on the thickness of the combustible wall. The 8" long Thimble is designed to pass through a wall of maximum thicknes of 7". You can add on an additonal 8" by cementing two Thimbles together with Rutland Stove and Gasket Cement, so you can pass through walls clear up to 15" thick. Or you can cut the Thimble down with a hacksaw for thinner walls. The Insul-Flue Thimble requires 15" or 17" square opening for use with 6" diameter or 8" diameter pipe, respectively. Complete insulation instructions accompany each unit.

Note: Thimble and the Thimble Cover Assembly both required for complete installation. Make sure to order both items.


Click here for Insul-Flue Instruction Manual

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