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Chimney Liner Insulation


Chimney Liner Insulation kits and packages for a UL certified installation, better draw and less creosote build up. Read our F.A.Q.'s to find out the importance of a properly insulated liner. (Note: Kits include one wrap of 1/2" foil faced insulation). Quarter inch wrap available upon request for super tight install's but may not meet UL standards (but it's much better then nothing).


Blanket Style Chimney Liner Insulation:


chimney liner insulation kit

Chimney Liner Insulation Kit for 25'  Includes: 

* 1/2" x 25' Foil Faced Insulation Blanket      * Aluminum Seam Tape (1 roll)

* 25ft protective mesh insulation cover        * Clamp System

* 3M Spray Adhesive


 EverGuard, HomeSaver, or TherMix Chimney Insulation:


chimney liner insulationchimney liner insulation 2



What if there is not enough room for blanket insulation? Don't just skip this important step. TherMix, EverGuard, or HomeSaver pour in style chimney insulation is the solution. Just mix with water and pour between the liner and flue.


How Much Pour In Chimney Liner Insulation Do I Need?

Just follow this simple formula:

1. Multiply the inside dimensions of the chimney (in inches).

2. Subtract the area of the liner.

3. Multiply this number by the chimney height (in feet).

4. Divide this number by 461. The answer is the number of bags you will need.








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