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DCS-Flex Liner

Due to our volume of business we are able to offer brand name stainless steel chimney liner kits at prices below what the manufacturer will allow us to advertise. These are marketed as our liners but will be a name brand liner with the listed qualities when they arrive at your door.


Homeowner purchase and installation of these liners will still qualify for a full manufacturers warranty on this product. (Most other liners require a certified professional and/or manufacturers recommended installer to keep warranty coverage).


These DCS-Flex chimney liners are a superb buy and are comparable (if not identical) to many if not all of the popular liner brands and will not disappoint.




   Three Inch                Four Inch                   Five Inch                Five 1/2 Inch  



       Six Inch                  Seven Inch                Eight Inch     


Click this link for directions on "How to Install a Chimney Liner"



DCS-Flex liner a "light" style flexible stainless steel chimney liner with these features: 

  • 316ti alloy liner.
  • 7 layer seams yield air and water tight seams.
  • Rated for solid fuel (wood, coal, and pellet) and gas and oil applications.
  • All chimney liner kit components are made from high quality 24 gauge 316L stainless steel.
  • Manufacturers lifetime warranty.


DCS-Flex PRO liners have a smooth inner wall and double thick construction and have the following features:

  • This double walled liner has an overall thickness .014
  • Smooth wall on the inside increases draft by 20% and reduces creosote build-up
  • Liner is airtight and100% leak proof
  • Approved for wood, oil, gas applications.
  • Liner has strength and flexibility due to the corrugated interlocked seams on the outside of the liner.

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