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DuraBlack SS Stovepipe

DuraBlack SS by Simpson Dura Vent is a stainless steel alternative to traditional black painted steel stovepipe for those who want a longer service life. The single wall stainless steel stove pipe is made of the same 430 alloy that the inner wall of Simpson's DuraTech and DuraPlus chimneys use and they come with a lifetime warranty. Although the Durablack SS does not have a listed lifetime warranty, expect an extremely long lifespan.

Contrary to the name DuraBlack SS is not painted black and is a non finished Stainless Steel silver color.

DuraBlack SS is a single wall stainless steel stove pipe, not chimney liner and should not be used inside chimneys but only to connect the stove to the chimney. Use an actual rigid Chimney Liner like Saf-T-Liner or flex chimney liners for use inside a chimney.






DuraBlack SS 6-in                DuraBlack SS 8-in



**Single wall stove pipe or any "stovepipe" is intended for interior use between the appliance and the wall or ceiling only. "Chimney pipe" must be used with proper components to pass through a wall or ceiling, and from that point out.

** Single wall stove pipe requires at least 18" clearance to combustibles for all single wall stovepipe. This measurement could be more or less depending on the appliance. The appliance manufacturers installation instructions should always be followed.

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