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Dura-Vent DVL Double-Wall Stovepipe



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Dura-Vent DVL 6-Inch        Dura-Vent DVL 7-inch        Dura-Vent DVL 8-Inch 


When installing a factory built chimney and you need interior pipe with  reduced clearance to combustibles, use Dura-Vent DVL Double Wall Stove Pipes. These double wall stove pipes for sale let you reduce clearance to combustibles from the stovepipe from 18" down to 6" to walls and 8" from ceilings


DuraVent DVL has an inner wall of .016 430-alloy stainless steel and an outer wall of .18 aluminized steel painted black.

When connecting to a Dura-Tech or Dura/Plus chimneys, a "close clearance adaptor" is required for a proper connection. Connecting pipe sections together is easy due to it's pre-drilled holes and included screws.

When trying to calculate installation, keep in mind the outer diameter is 1 1/8" larger then the inner diameter. Also, all pieces overlap 1" when connecting to each other, reducing the actual pipe length by 1" when assembled.

All DuraVent DVL components have a Limited Lifetime manufacturers warranty.


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DV-DVL group2.jpg              
Dura-Vent DVL 6-Inch             Dura-Vent DVL 8-Inch 







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