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Metalbestos Chimney 7 In.
Selkirk "Ultra-Temp" 7-inch



7" Metalbestos all fuel chimney pipe, now also known as "Metal Best Chimney", by Selkirk is a TypeA-Vent factory built all fuel chimney system that is top of the line. It is designed with maximum performance and safety in mind and certified to UL 103HT for all fuel chimneys in the 6" & 8" sizes. It is tested and certified to the UL 2100 degree standards. 7" Metalbestos all fuel chimney pipe has well thought out components to make installation possible most situations.

  • UL 103HT listed in 6" & 8" metalbestos chimney
  • 304 Stainless Steel inner liner wall
  • Locking bands included
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty


Important note for customers with used or existing parts:

Please scroll to the bottom of the page and read carefully.




Click here for Metalbestos Manufacturer's Installation Instructions

(With Elbow Offset Chart pg.14).



Click here for Metalbestos product catalog with specifications.


Important note for customers with used or existing parts:


"Metalbestos" is a brand name. It is hard to tell from a picture and there are many similar looking products out there. Three from the same manufacturer as Metalbestos (Selkirk) that look the same but do not lock together. The older style Metalbestos pipe was model "SS" or "SS-II" where as the newer product is designated "UT" and have had returns from customers that say they don't work together either. This could be user error.

However after contacting Selkirk about all the confusion we have added this response from the manufacturers tech department:

No adapter is needed since we never changed the coupling design. The testing through Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. changed to include an optional high temperature test. At that time the model designation was changed, but not the product. A few years ago we once again changed the model designation (to the Model UT you reference) but not the basics of the product. There is still the twist lock coupler with the separate locking band, the required 2" air space clearance, etc. so you'll not have any problems getting the pieces to connect.
Karen Marchand
Selkirk MetalBest
USA Technical Support
Residential Venting Products
We apologize for any incorrect information we have given out in the past about these not working but without the consent from Selkirk we did not want the liability of mixing and matching products of this nature and the bad reputation that comes with shipping improper parts to people and wasting their time and money.

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